Jewellery & Gem Digital World
27-29 October 2020

Admission & Buyer Registration


Jewellery & Gem Digital World (27 – 29 October) will present a rich programme of live webinars and on-demand content that will keep you abreast of what’s new and relevant in the industry.

ALL jewellery industry colleagues are invited to join Jewellery & Gem Digital World webinars.

Product Discovery & Sourcing

Create company buyer account on the Atelier platform to start an efficient product discovery and sourcing experience.


Buyer registration is open to:



Important note before you register

Assign an administrator to open company buyer account
• Assign one staff from your company to be the administrator to register for a company buyer account on the Atelier platform
• One company, one account
• The administrator can then add other colleagues to the company account
• All members under the company account shall carry same email domain

Two-step registration
Step 1: Fill out registration form and select “access Informa Events”
Step 2: Receive validation email from Atelier, fill out business registration number and create password

Video guide on account registration





Joining the Event

After setting up your Atelier account, log into your account and select “Jewellery & Gem Digital World” to access the event.

Registered users are invited to join our pre-event training sessions, which will walk you through the powerful tools of this intelligent sourcing and matching platform.

* Jewellery & Gem Digital World will take place on Atelier Technology’s platform. By signing up for the event, you agree to the Informa Markets Rules & Regulations.