Welcome to Jewellery & Gem Digital World’s Sourcing Festival !

Informa Markets Jewellery is building momentum for the 2021 launch of its 365-day jewellery and gemstone digital marketplace through seven theme-based virtual sourcing festivals that will kick off in mid-May 2021.

Taking place under the Jewellery & Gem Digital World (JGDW) umbrella, the sourcing fairs will focus on four core product categories (Silver Jewellery, “Big Three” and Diamonds, Jewellery Gifts and Affordable Luxury) and four sourcing locations (Asia, Greater China, Europe and the US). Each festival will run for five days and showcase a curated selection of products from international suppliers.

Participation in the JGDW festivals is free of charge for all professional buyers. Registration information and partnership opportunities will be announced soon. Stay tuned for more details!

JGDW Dazzling Silver

24 – 28 May

Fashion Jewellery & Accessory Digital Week

15 – 19 Nov

JGDW Dazzling Silver

24 – 28 May

JGDW Spotlight on Asia

19 – 23 Jul

JGDW Spotlight on Greater China:
Jewellery & Packaging

2 – 6 Aug

JGDW Spotlight on Greater China:
Loose Materials & Equipment

16 – 20 Aug

JGDW Celebrations

11 – 15 Oct

JGDW Spotlight on Europe & US

25 – 29 Oct

JGDW Affordable Luxury

6 – 10 Dec

Why Exhibit


Generate fresh leads and sell to buyers from around the world​


Interact with industry leaders and influencers, and gain unique insights that can help you build a stronger business​


Know the latest trends and be better positioned to meet customers’ emerging needs and expectations​

Exhibitor FAQ

JGDW platform: Opens 24 hours each day for buyers and exhibitors to browse, send meeting invites to schedule 1:1 video conferencing, and conduct live chat during the event period

Technical Support: 10:00 – 18:00 (HKT/UTC +8) during the event period

Video Meetings: As per scheduled time, from 10:00 – 22:00 (HKT/UTC +8) during the event period

The algorithm may recommend buyers to you based on their product preferences. You may also search for buyers by their product preferences. Once you have narrowed down your search results, you can click on a particular buyer’s profile to view further information and request for a meeting. Click “Meet” to send out meeting request.

Note: All meeting requests require a mutual confirmation from the other party, and they will be reminded about your requests to them. This means that you should send out your requests early.

Important: To increase the chance of your meeting requests being accepted, please choose carefully to ensure your company meets the buyers’ preferences.

Yes! During the event, buyers search for suitable suppliers based on their product attributes and send meeting requests to them. To increase your chances of being discovered and invited by buyers, be sure to upload a variety of products with detailed product attributes and appealing product images.

Important: Please indicate your available meeting slots and confirm your schedule before the platform is open to buyers. This will ensure that all your meetings are scheduled within your available time frame.

You may edit your schedule by clicking on “My Schedule.” To adjust your availability, click the relevant time slots to indicate if you are available (tick) or unavailable (cross). Then click CONFIRM button to save your schedule.

You may also adjust the following settings: Time Zone, Notifications and Sync Calendar.

If your meeting partner did not show up for the video meeting, please email meeting concierge at [email protected] to see if the meeting can be rearranged. Alternatively, you can also reach out to your meeting partners by sending private messages on 1-to-1 chat room.

The platform is designed to facilitate connections between suppliers and buyers. Exhibitors will be able to contact other exhibitors when the exhibit profile covers different stakeholders in the jewellery supply chain.

At the following JGDW sourcing festivals, exhibitors will not be able to contact other exhibitors within the event platform:
• JGDW Dazzling Silver
• JGDW Vibrant Gems: Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald & Diamond
• JGDW Affordable Luxury

Yes! The platform is mobile-friendly. However, we would recommend accessing it on your desktop (especially for virtual meetings) for optimal experience as screen sharing is not available in mobile mode.

Yes! Exhibitors will be able to attend all webinar sessions held during JGDW sourcing festivals.

For optimal Video Meeting experience, please ensure you have one of the browsers listed below on your computer:


• Chrome (Version 80 and above)
• Firefox (Version 75 and above)
• Edge (Version 80 and above)
• Safari (Latest Version or 13.1.1 and above)

Mobile – iOS
• Safari (Latest version or 13.1.1 and above)

Mobile – Android
• Chrome (Version 82 and above)
• Edge (Version 45 and above)
• Opera (Version 58 and above)
• Samsung Browser (Version 12 and above)

Be sure to take these Troubleshooting Steps ahead of the event

1. Compatibility checker; test your device (in the network environment you will be using) – CLICK HERE
2. Ensure that you have granted permissions of your microphone and camera to the browser – INSTRUCTIONS HERE
3. Enabling Third-Party Cookies – CLICK HERE

Should you meet with any problem during these steps, please contact the concierge at [email protected], with a screenshot if possible.

Here are some common video meetings issues:

1. Meeting app cannot connect to your device.
> Use a recommended browser, Chrome or Firefox, where the device prompts are more obvious.

2. Cannot hear each other or see each other.
> Use the settings (top right in video) to see if the devices are connected correctly. If there are no issues with the device, refresh the page to retry. If it still doesn’t work, please change the browser to try again with the same URL.

3. Connection issue due to slow local WiFi.
> Change network if possible.

4. Connection issue/drops due to anti-virus or personal firewall.
> Consider to disable them during calls.

5. Connection issues due to corporate firewall.
> This will require your IT / technical support team to whitelist the domain VIDEO.JUBLIA.COM.

If you have questions or require additional technical support, please get in touch with our team at [email protected]

Why Attend


Gain access to an incredible product mix and have the freedom to strategically plan your seasonal purchases


Network with some of the most experienced suppliers in the industry


Hear the latest market developments and trends from some of the trade’s most influential voices